The North Norfolk Business Forum [NNBF] is a Community Interest Company run by businesses on behalf of businesses. It aims to represent the best interests of local employers and their staff and it seeks to boost the economy in a variety of ways. One of its key goals is to bring together businesses to share knowledge and skills, enhancing productivity and improving the workforce of North Norfolk.

It also seeks to generate more business and income, and it provides local businesses with a strong collaborative voice when lobbying politicians and other decision makers regarding issues that directly affect themselves or the overall business community.

NNBF is currently in discussions with North Norfolk District Council and other partners to formulate its future strategy, and define the way in which the organisation can best be structured and managed for the future.

Once these discussions have been concluded, this web site will be updated and re-activated but until then all enquiries regarding economic development and business opportunities in North Norfolk should be direct to:

Stuart Quick
Business Development Officer
North Norfolk District Council
T: 01263 516263