Everything You Need to Know about Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts


Mobile phones have become very critical in life today and it is impossible to imagine life without one. Because the pay-as-you-go deals are becoming less affordable, the many UK mobile phone providers prefer contracts so that clients can pay over time.


Benefits of using contract phones for bad credit as opposed to buying direct

Phone companies check on clients’ credit score to cushion their businesses

While mobile phone companies do not want to lose clients, they want to deal with people who can be able to pay credit advances to them. Therefore, they have to take every precaution to protect their businesses by checking credit scores. Because of this, it is important to check with various stores and phone company’s rules to select the right option.

While some traders post their banners shouting that you can get any phone contract even with bad credit, the argument is simply misleading. When applying for contract phones for bad credit, the phone company has to carry due diligence to prevent falling into losses.

How to get the phone of choice when you have a poor credit score

  • Look for traders who have operational relationships with different phone companies. This is because various phone companies have different rules that might fit your credit score.
  • Check for a mobile phone that has a lower cost because the risk will be lower for the phone company. What this means is that the smartphone you get might have a poorer camera, screen, and other features when compared to other top rated handsets.
  • Talk to the company directly to learn from their customer support about the requirements. Often, phone companies set out strict rules when working with third parties and the latter may also add new conditions that compromise your ability to get the phone you want.
  • Raise some deposit towards the phone you want to help keep the risk taken by the phone company even lower.
  • Use a close friend with good credit score to guarantee your commitment to pay. Talk to your dad, uncle, husband or wife with a good credit and have them co-sign the contract.
  • If you were denied a bad credit mobile phone contract in the past, the best thing is not to re-apply immediately, but checking with credit reference firms to correct any mistake.


How to improve your credit score

If your credit score is poor and is making it difficult to get a contract phone, the chances are that other problems might be on their way. For example, financial lenders will also not be willing to advance credit to you because you are a high-risk party. Therefore, the best thing to do is to work on improving your credit score using the following tips;

(i)         Check your credit report and fix any errors that might be working against you.

(ii)        Set up payment reminders so that all your dues are made on time to avoid hurting your credit score.

(iii)       Keep reducing every debt you owe to lenders by following agreed terms and conditions.

(iv)       If you are unable to service a loan to the agreed level, make sure to renegotiate the terms instead of hiding.

(v)        Do not borrow another loan to pay debts because you will only sink deeper into credit.

(vi)       Consider credit consolidation

The best UK Mobile Phone providers with top networks


Once you have selected the best smartphone or tablet, the next step is identifying the network to operate on. The UK mobile phone industry has been in transition for the last couple of years with new players emerging every year and giving the current top contract providers competition. You want a network that has fast download speed, upload time, and other top offers. Here are the top three UK mobile phone providers you should consider.

(i)         BT Mobile

BT Mobile is an SIM-only 4G network service operating on the EE network. Its services are among the most affordable; a fact that made it surpass top competitors such as Vodafone. First, users enjoy millions of Wi-Fi hotspots that make internet access easy and fast. Users, especially in urban areas, attraction points, main highways, and other areas, are sure of browsing, connecting with friends, and streaming music and videos easily.

When you go onto the BT Network, you are sure of enjoying £5 every month in discount. This gives you more talk,

SMS, and data plan so that you can connect easier with all friends and colleagues. Finally, the BT 4G network has been rated among the best in the UK. For people who cherish sports, BT Network comes with a sports APP to help you watch the Premier League and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches.


(ii)        EE Mobile

EE was established after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange networks. It currently has coverage in over 500 towns and about 81% of the UK population. However, it is among the costliest of all the UK mobile providers. This means you are likely to get a good signal and can use it effectively irrespective of where you are in the UK.

With an average of 22Mbps load time, EE has surpassed other networks on 4G mobile that mainly deliver download times of 17 Mbps on average. This makes accessing high volumes of data faster so that you can enjoy downloading music and streaming videos.

To make texting easy and fun, EE provides users with monthly data plans. Users can also get unlimited plans on the standard SIM-only options. To try and make the network more affordable, the company also provides users with shareable contacts that have a single bill for multiple users or groups. This helps families, corporate groups, and even friends enjoy lower costs due to sharing wherever they are in the UK.

However, the company lacks unlimited data options and the level of customer satisfaction is generally low.

(iii)       O2 Mobile

With time, O2 Mobile has continued to cut a name in the UK market as the best company when ti comes to mobile phone contracts. It has particularly built on its customer care services and every client is sure of having issues resolved fast and reliably. Despite these, it is not the cheapest network to consider because its data, SMS, and voice calls cost more than most competitors.



O2 4G provides users with amazing internet speeds to browse, download music, and watch videos. Today, it reaches over 50% of all the UK population and you can check which areas the company covers using the 4G coverage checker. In addition to a reliable 4G network, O2 has a highly flexible 24 monthly contract that users can utilize to get phones and other deals of choice.

Ofcom has repeatedly rated O2 customer services among the best in the UK because of its commitment to clients. While other companies focus on expanding their networks, O2 has targeted a smaller but highly satisfied client base. By utilizing various call centres spread all over the UK, every client is sure of getting issues resolved within a very short period.

Other extras that make O2 the network of choice include their creative O2 Priority that gives members a chance to access and buy tickets up to 48 hrs before they are released for sale. They also provide huge discounts on various products, have Wi-Fi hotspots, and provide great deals on the latest mobile phones.

However, many clients have been complaining about mid-contract price hikes that force them to pay more. If you had started paying a contract phone, there is a risk of paying more when the price changes.


Is it time to ditch the top mobile phone providers?


In April, Tony Hazell’s call for people using giant networks to ditch them because of their poor services and bills created a huge buzz with many heeding to the advice. Recently, giant mobile phone companies have become highly inflexible, and customer services are very poor. Here are some useful factors to consider when thinking of ditching your mobile phone provider.

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 08: An Orange shop in Oxford Street on September 8, 2009 in London, England. Mobile phone companies Orange and T-Mobile have anounced plans to merge their United Kingdom operations. This will create the UK's biggest mobile operator with a customer base of 28 million users. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Is the company forcing you to pay more?

One of the main issues that phone users are grappling with is being forced to pay more. Fortunately, the options that you can turn to are not limited. Check for the main services such as call, SMS, and data plans to establish whether your provider is forcing you to pay more. Some companies have been forcing clients to sign up for more expensive options that raise their services with as much as £45. Take some moments to compare what alternative networks have to offer and weigh up whether you are better off with the current provider or shifting to a new company.

Is customer service satisfactory?

There is nothing as disturbing as getting an issue to your line and your network provider takes a lot of time to address it. Poor customer service has been the main reason why some giants like Vodaphone have been in a free fall in the last couple of years after dominating the UK Telecom market for decades. Read through reviews of other users to establish their level of customer satisfaction. The problem can be particularly harmful if you use the line for business and issues are not resolved professionally and on time.

Does your phone company keep raising contract prices?

When you enter into a contract with a mobile phone company, the target is getting a smooth paying plan over a short period. The same case happens with other products the company floats for sale to its clients. However, it is important to be on the lookout for exploitative price increases in between the contracts with your provider.


Why even a shift to smaller networks needs to be rethought

As the giant networks become more exploitative, you will be surprised to learn that a dozen other smaller companies are owned by the same big giants or ride on their networks. It is, therefore, very critical to carefully review the services with a long term focus.

  • If you run to Virgin, Life Mobile, Asda or People’s Operator, you will still be using EE’s network.
  • Tesco utilizes O2 network and indeed has most of its services almost similar to them.
  • Talk-Mobile uses Vodafone while ID Mobile uses the network of the top 3 providers.


While the mobile phone has become a very critical component in every person’s life today, it is prudent to be sure of what you are getting. You need to review what you have been receiving from the UK mobile phone providers and avoid being boxed into accepting SMS and data plans that you do not need. Even if the additional data may appear affordable, why go for several GBs worth of data whereas you only use your phone to send and receive emails?

Take some moments to review the cost of using the mobile phone and establish whether you are being pushed to the limits without getting value for it. If your provider appears to keep pushing you indirectly, consider reviewing alternatives and shifting to better services that deliver higher value for money.


A Guide for Saving Money on Your Mobile Phone Bills


When you buy a smartphone, the network company you ride on wants you to keep talking, texting, and using data for elevated profitability. While there is nothing wrong with this because the phone company is indeed in business to make a profit, you must be very careful to ensure that bills do not escalate. Many people end up using a lot of money without knowing. The following is a guide to help you cut on those mobile phone bills and enjoy your smartphone all the time.


(i) Always review the data, SMS, and airtime plans to only take what you need

When mobile phone providers package their services, they want you to keep using the service and match their way to profitability. However, you should never take what you will not use. For example, even if any SMS plan appears so attractive, do not go for it is you rarely send texts. The first step in saving money on your phone is reviewing personal usage and only buying what you need.

(ii)        Utilize free apps

When using your mobile phone, there are many avenues that allow you to talk, connect, and enjoy more without utilizing the mobile phone network. Consider using free apps such as Google Voice, Apple’s FaceTime and other online based apps that will not consume direct call minutes. The apps will be particularly ideal if you use them when you have unlimited Wi-Fi. Other free apps include Text+, iMessage, and low wireless plans such as TextNow. The plans are highly flexible and you have the option of getting out any moment you want.

(iii)       Be on the lookout for in app charges

Have you ever experienced some popups or subscription services prompts when using free apps? At times, you can click these freemium apps without knowing or children can click them when using your phone. The services prompt you to pay for upgrades after some time while others can discontinue the free app you were enjoying. To stay away from these costs, do not hand over your smartphone to kids or reveal your password to various services such as iTunes. Otherwise, a very big bill may be sent to you at the end of the month.

(iv)       Utilize Wi-Fi

Even if you have bought a data plan, some activities such as downloading large files require an unlimited source of data. To avoid exhausting your data plan before time, make sure to note Wi-Fi zones and use them to browse and do all tasks that require a lot of data. Some companies also provide free Wi-Fi zones to their staff.

(v)        Stop using mobile phone providers’ contracts

While the highly publicized mobile phone contracts have attracted lots of interest, many people end up paying up to five or more times for their phones. For example, you will be provided with a smartphone worth £400 in the market and then allowed to pay for two years at a monthly charge of £70. By the close of 24 months, you will have paid £1,680 or even more. Well, though many people rarely do the calculations, the fact is that you can make a lot of savings by doing away with the contract.