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A Guide for Saving Money on Your Mobile Phone Bills


When you buy a smartphone, the network company you ride on wants you to keep talking, texting, and using data for elevated profitability. While there is nothing wrong with this because the phone company is indeed in business to make a profit, you must be very careful to ensure that bills do not escalate. Many people end up using a lot of money without knowing. The following is a guide to help you cut on those mobile phone bills and enjoy your smartphone all the time.


(i) Always review the data, SMS, and airtime plans to only take what you need

When mobile phone providers package their services, they want you to keep using the service and match their way to profitability. However, you should never take what you will not use. For example, even if any SMS plan appears so attractive, do not go for it is you rarely send texts. The first step in saving money on your phone is reviewing personal usage and only buying what you need.

(ii)        Utilize free apps

When using your mobile phone, there are many avenues that allow you to talk, connect, and enjoy more without utilizing the mobile phone network. Consider using free apps such as Google Voice, Apple’s FaceTime and other online based apps that will not consume direct call minutes. The apps will be particularly ideal if you use them when you have unlimited Wi-Fi. Other free apps include Text+, iMessage, and low wireless plans such as TextNow. The plans are highly flexible and you have the option of getting out any moment you want.

(iii)       Be on the lookout for in app charges

Have you ever experienced some popups or subscription services prompts when using free apps? At times, you can click these freemium apps without knowing or children can click them when using your phone. The services prompt you to pay for upgrades after some time while others can discontinue the free app you were enjoying. To stay away from these costs, do not hand over your smartphone to kids or reveal your password to various services such as iTunes. Otherwise, a very big bill may be sent to you at the end of the month.

(iv)       Utilize Wi-Fi

Even if you have bought a data plan, some activities such as downloading large files require an unlimited source of data. To avoid exhausting your data plan before time, make sure to note Wi-Fi zones and use them to browse and do all tasks that require a lot of data. Some companies also provide free Wi-Fi zones to their staff.

(v)        Stop using mobile phone providers’ contracts

While the highly publicized mobile phone contracts have attracted lots of interest, many people end up paying up to five or more times for their phones. For example, you will be provided with a smartphone worth £400 in the market and then allowed to pay for two years at a monthly charge of £70. By the close of 24 months, you will have paid £1,680 or even more. Well, though many people rarely do the calculations, the fact is that you can make a lot of savings by doing away with the contract.