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The best UK Mobile Phone providers with top networks


Once you have selected the best smartphone or tablet, the next step is identifying the network to operate on. The UK mobile phone industry has been in transition for the last couple of years with new players emerging every year and giving the current top contract providers competition. You want a network that has fast download speed, upload time, and other top offers. Here are the top three UK mobile phone providers you should consider.

(i)         BT Mobile

BT Mobile is an SIM-only 4G network service operating on the EE network. Its services are among the most affordable; a fact that made it surpass top competitors such as Vodafone. First, users enjoy millions of Wi-Fi hotspots that make internet access easy and fast. Users, especially in urban areas, attraction points, main highways, and other areas, are sure of browsing, connecting with friends, and streaming music and videos easily.

When you go onto the BT Network, you are sure of enjoying £5 every month in discount. This gives you more talk,

SMS, and data plan so that you can connect easier with all friends and colleagues. Finally, the BT 4G network has been rated among the best in the UK. For people who cherish sports, BT Network comes with a sports APP to help you watch the Premier League and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches.


(ii)        EE Mobile

EE was established after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange networks. It currently has coverage in over 500 towns and about 81% of the UK population. However, it is among the costliest of all the UK mobile providers. This means you are likely to get a good signal and can use it effectively irrespective of where you are in the UK.

With an average of 22Mbps load time, EE has surpassed other networks on 4G mobile that mainly deliver download times of 17 Mbps on average. This makes accessing high volumes of data faster so that you can enjoy downloading music and streaming videos.

To make texting easy and fun, EE provides users with monthly data plans. Users can also get unlimited plans on the standard SIM-only options. To try and make the network more affordable, the company also provides users with shareable contacts that have a single bill for multiple users or groups. This helps families, corporate groups, and even friends enjoy lower costs due to sharing wherever they are in the UK.

However, the company lacks unlimited data options and the level of customer satisfaction is generally low.

(iii)       O2 Mobile

With time, O2 Mobile has continued to cut a name in the UK market as the best company when ti comes to mobile phone contracts. It has particularly built on its customer care services and every client is sure of having issues resolved fast and reliably. Despite these, it is not the cheapest network to consider because its data, SMS, and voice calls cost more than most competitors.



O2 4G provides users with amazing internet speeds to browse, download music, and watch videos. Today, it reaches over 50% of all the UK population and you can check which areas the company covers using the 4G coverage checker. In addition to a reliable 4G network, O2 has a highly flexible 24 monthly contract that users can utilize to get phones and other deals of choice.

Ofcom has repeatedly rated O2 customer services among the best in the UK because of its commitment to clients. While other companies focus on expanding their networks, O2 has targeted a smaller but highly satisfied client base. By utilizing various call centres spread all over the UK, every client is sure of getting issues resolved within a very short period.

Other extras that make O2 the network of choice include their creative O2 Priority that gives members a chance to access and buy tickets up to 48 hrs before they are released for sale. They also provide huge discounts on various products, have Wi-Fi hotspots, and provide great deals on the latest mobile phones.

However, many clients have been complaining about mid-contract price hikes that force them to pay more. If you had started paying a contract phone, there is a risk of paying more when the price changes.