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Is it time to ditch the top mobile phone providers?


In April, Tony Hazell’s call for people using giant networks to ditch them because of their poor services and bills created a huge buzz with many heeding to the advice. Recently, giant mobile phone companies have become highly inflexible, and customer services are very poor. Here are some useful factors to consider when thinking of ditching your mobile phone provider.

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 08: An Orange shop in Oxford Street on September 8, 2009 in London, England. Mobile phone companies Orange and T-Mobile have anounced plans to merge their United Kingdom operations. This will create the UK's biggest mobile operator with a customer base of 28 million users. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Is the company forcing you to pay more?

One of the main issues that phone users are grappling with is being forced to pay more. Fortunately, the options that you can turn to are not limited. Check for the main services such as call, SMS, and data plans to establish whether your provider is forcing you to pay more. Some companies have been forcing clients to sign up for more expensive options that raise their services with as much as £45. Take some moments to compare what alternative networks have to offer and weigh up whether you are better off with the current provider or shifting to a new company.

Is customer service satisfactory?

There is nothing as disturbing as getting an issue to your line and your network provider takes a lot of time to address it. Poor customer service has been the main reason why some giants like Vodaphone have been in a free fall in the last couple of years after dominating the UK Telecom market for decades. Read through reviews of other users to establish their level of customer satisfaction. The problem can be particularly harmful if you use the line for business and issues are not resolved professionally and on time.

Does your phone company keep raising contract prices?

When you enter into a contract with a mobile phone company, the target is getting a smooth paying plan over a short period. The same case happens with other products the company floats for sale to its clients. However, it is important to be on the lookout for exploitative price increases in between the contracts with your provider.


Why even a shift to smaller networks needs to be rethought

As the giant networks become more exploitative, you will be surprised to learn that a dozen other smaller companies are owned by the same big giants or ride on their networks. It is, therefore, very critical to carefully review the services with a long term focus.

  • If you run to Virgin, Life Mobile, Asda or People’s Operator, you will still be using EE’s network.
  • Tesco utilizes O2 network and indeed has most of its services almost similar to them.
  • Talk-Mobile uses Vodafone while ID Mobile uses the network of the top 3 providers.


While the mobile phone has become a very critical component in every person’s life today, it is prudent to be sure of what you are getting. You need to review what you have been receiving from the UK mobile phone providers and avoid being boxed into accepting SMS and data plans that you do not need. Even if the additional data may appear affordable, why go for several GBs worth of data whereas you only use your phone to send and receive emails?

Take some moments to review the cost of using the mobile phone and establish whether you are being pushed to the limits without getting value for it. If your provider appears to keep pushing you indirectly, consider reviewing alternatives and shifting to better services that deliver higher value for money.