When Is It Ideal to Upgrade to a New Smartphone?

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Ever been a place you have always desired so to visit so much only to realize that you cannot capture a perfect photo? It might be the ideal time to upgrade to a better phone. The question on when to buy a new phone is far too common to many people as new types keep hitting the market at a very fast rate. Here are five indicators that you need to get a new phone.

(i)         When the battery is worn out

When you realize that the smartphone’s battery is becoming less efficient, buy a new phone. The battery should be able to power your phone for more than a full day before getting fully discharged. However, if you are looking for the mains plug at midday because the phone battery is already less than 10%, start shopping for a better phone.


(ii)        When looking for better internet speeds

The nature of networks that a phone utilizes is dependent on its design. Today people want faster internet network systems such as 4G so that they can work on projects, stream music, download videos, and liaise with friends on social media efficiently. If your phone is 3G enabled and very slow on the internet, do not hesitate to look for alternative options.

(iii)       Poorer resolution camera

When you visit the London Eye or go golfing in East Yorkshire, you want a perfect photo to use on your Facebook page. This can only be possible if you have a smartphone with a very strong camera. Today, you will also want a phone with a strong front camera to take selfies with kids, colleagues and animals in the zoo.

(iv)       Limitations of operation software

The operational software and phone design could be limiting a lot of things that you need to do. For example, if you work on a Windows computer at work and home, you might want a smartphone that links to it easily. In this case, a Microsoft Lumia will fit you better. To pick a phone that matches well, take some time to think about the apps that you use most of the time and identify the phone that is compatible with them.

(v)        Ability to do more using the phone

While many people believe that a phone should mainly be used for communication, it is advisable to go for a smartphone that makes you stand out. Think of going for a more advanced, stronger, and reliable phone for using Skype, downloading music, watching television, editing photos, and making presentations for example. In this case, the phone is not simply for communication, but more like a handheld computer.

Where do you get a good mobile phone?

  • Top UK Mobile Phone providers
  • Online stores and other platforms
  • Bad credit store dealers
  • Top hyper stores
  • Respected smartphone dealers
  • Tech shows such as smartphone launching events.
  • Stores dealing with used phones


If you find that your current phone is not giving you the service you anticipate or is tainting your image, make sure to look for a good alternative. The market is full of great phones, some very costly while others are much cheaper. A better way to get a great phone is working on a contract deal with the top UK mobile phone providers because they have diversity and allow you to pay over time.